Guidelines for successful public speaking

Guidelines for successful public speaking

Here are some guidelines from the Judge in Riga and Latgale region PSC.


To get energy you must give energy

- This does not mean you need to shout and jump around but you must display a passion for what you are speaking about otherwise it comes off as a statement. Great orators have the ability to move an audience by emotion alone.

 Be Prepared

- It is said you must prepare one hour for each minute of a speech. So for these young adults they should put in the practice time once they have figured out the narrative of their speech.

 Non-Verbals Speak Volume

- Depending on what research you are looking at up to 85% on how humans communicate is through non verbal language. This takes practice and a good friend who is willing to provide constructive criticism. If you can video yourself and see if you are engaging to the audience but not over the top.


- If you don’t believe it no one else will. People sitting in the audience want to hear from you so provide them will a message you believe in.

 Time Fillers

- Train yourself to a standard so you don’t just fill time. We all talk faster when we get in front of an audience so take that into consideration when you are preparing. Judges can tell when you are just filling time to hear the bell ring.

 Third Person and Asking Yourself Rhetorical Questions

- Be careful with this one. Sometimes questions can be useful but it can also appear rehearsed and fake. Please you me, myself or I rather than using your name in a third person.

 Points – This is very subjective however all the judges had the same people at the top so regardless of how each judge decided to weigh each category the outcome was similar. If I was coaching to the format for this competition I would concentrate on the above items first then address items such as appearance, greetings, openings and closings.

 Again thank you for letting us be a part of this amazing competition.


 Jon A. Logan

CPT, Civil Affairs

Team Leader