Public Speaking Competition National Final 2019

“Nature is a common language”

Opening remarks – Iveta Ivansone – ESU Latvia President 

 Moment of Silence in honor of former President Ruta Zadziorska



Ms. Ieva Šmite – English Teacher and Deputy Principal; Riga Secondary school 49.

Mr. Craig Paterson – Secondary School Assistant Principal; International School of Riga

Mrs. Ingrida-Karina Berzina – Attorney at Law; lecturer SSE Riga – Graduate School of Law

Introductions/MC:  Rebeka Nagle – Finalist 2018 IPSC Latvia


  Elza Viktorija Zorgevica  – Rīgas Angļu ģimnāzija-  “To Kill Nature”

Annamarija Terēze Andersone – Rīgas Valsts 1.ģimnāzija- “The World Through the Lense of Languages”

Marks Stacevičs – Rīgas Klasiskā ģimnāzija-  “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Tomass Ruža – Rīgas Valsts 1.ģimnāzija- “World as a Conveyor”

Andris Aleksandrs Priedītis “Rīgas Valsts 1.ģimnāzija- “Flaws of Human Nature”

Undīne Maurīte – Valmieras Viestura vidusskola-  “The Last Straw”

Voldemārs Veitners – Draudzīgā Aicinājuma Cēsu Valsts ģimnāzija- “Our Ability to Change Human Nature”

Valts Zvilna – Talsu 2. Vidusskola- “Nature is the God Itself/Himself”

Kristofers Buks – Jēkabpils Valsts ģimnāzija-  “ Our Only Planet”

Alisa Turukova – Daugavpils Krievu vidusskola–licejs – “Ocean: Will We Swim or Drown?”

Samira Garajeva – Daugavpils 3.vidusskola- “Coming Back to Our Roots”

Anna Samsonova – Daugavpils 3.vidusskola- “Industry Perfect Body”

Ieva Taraškeviča – Daugavpils 9.vidusskola- “Language Learners”

 Awards presented – Deputy Head of Mission Ms. Ruth Rajavejjabhisal from the British Embassy




1st place – Elza Viktorija Zorgevica – Rīgas Angļu ģimnāzija

2nd place -  Undīne Maurīte- Valmieras Viestura vidusskola

3rd place – Andris Aleksandrs Priedītis- Rīgas Valsts 1.ģimnāzija





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Dear Iveta,

I am so sorry to hear this very sad news. Ruta was a lovely lady and a powerful advocate for Latvia, for education and for the ESU. We shall miss her.

We are fortunate to have you to continue the excellent work that Ruta began and we will look forward to working closely with you in the coming months.

With our condolences and very good wishes


Jane Easton

Director-General ESU



Heart felt condolences on this sad news The ESU family reaches out to you all at this sad time Latvia,s relationship with the wider world at a critical time  in its history was well served by Ruta,s work. The values of the ESU and vision of its founders for global peace built on mutual respect and understanding could have had no firmer friend We are all very grateful for a life well lived. May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

Warmest Regards


The Rt Hon The Lord Boateng PC DL

Chairman ESU

In Memoriam

Ruta Zadziorski

(05.05.1928 – 31.12.2018)

It is with great sadness that I must inform you of Ruta Zadziorski’s passing.  After a short illness, she died the morning of December 31st.  Right up until the end, she was very active, had creative ideas for ESU’s future, and always a great sense of humor.  A bright soul, she will be greatly missed!

 Ruta’s contribution to ESU for 40 years, both as an active member while she was in the USA, and as the former ESU Latvia President is immeasurable!

 Although the New year began with this sad news, we continue our ESU work as Ruta had wished, in her loving memory.

 Iveta Ivansone

President ESU Latvia

In Memoriam